What is Lutheranism?

Shortly, Lutheran Church is a denomination of Christian Church established by Jesus Christ and was a part of the Roman Catholic Church for more than 1,5 thousand years. Within Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517, church was called as Reformed Catholic Church. After Reformation ends in 1648, denomination was named as Lutheran Church, or Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession.

Main idea of reformation the church was cleaning it from advantage of Pope, from money and connections with governments. Reformators wanted to see catholic church free of material needs as Jesus teaches in Gospel.

Reformation started from 95 theses and grown to the Augsburg Confession, Small and Large catechisms of Dr. Martin Luther and more doctrinal statements. Main idea of Lutheranism – believers receiving Salvation by 3 Solae – Sola scriptura (“by Scripture alone”), Sola fide (“by faith alone”) and Sola gratia (“by grace alone”).

More about our doctrine possible to read on the special page.

Our Church

In the Philippines our church operating under the name “Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession” – ECAC, previously “Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession” in the Philippines – ELCAC.

ECAC is a part of the Foreign Church District of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession in Russia – FCD. We are in the close friendship with the World Council of the National Catholic Churches – WCNCC, and a part of Old Catholic Province of the St. Michael the Archangel – OCPSMA.

Leader of the WCNCC is the patriarch Augustin Bachinsky who are former archbishop of the Old Catholic Church in Slovakia.

Leader of the OCPSMA is metropolitan Pavel Begichev, former archbishop of the ELCAC in Russia.

Lutheran leader of the ELCAC in Russia is archbishop Aleksander Frans who is also a spiritual bishop of the FCD.

Leader of the FCD is archpriest Daniel Suvorov, superintendant and acting bishop.

Our Mission

Dr. Martin Luther were saying, “bishops there, where people”. We know that in the Philippines has a lot of communities who are looking for a church, ministers, faith and spiritual counselling. On Bohol there are also many people like that – citizens and guests of the country. All of them seeking to have rites which not always they can receive. And we are happy to provide it!

First of all, we are happy to provide the most important rites in christian life – Baptism and Communion. These sacred things are available for anybody who will request it. Second thing, we can provide wedding services, confirmation, burial, service for a sick and confession (penance). Some rituals and services, like spiritual counselling, family counselling and others available by request.

Together with it, we are ready to give education for anybody who looking for it and wants to become a minister, or transfer to our church from another denomination. We are happy to provide possibilities to those who are sincerelly looking for it!

Our Mission also to establish local congreation managed fully by Filipino citizens. We are ready to preach, share, support, educate and advice people.

Our Vision

We believe in 3 Solae – Sola scriptura (“by Scripture alone”), Sola fide (“by faith alone”) and Sola gratia (“by grace alone”). It means that person will not erase his sins by doing good deals and everyone must have strong faith in God, and good deals must be only a fruits of the faith (Sola fide), follow at first the Bible than sacred traditions (Sola scriptura), only God can give salvation Himself based on the faith and life of the person and nobody and anything on Earth cannot give it (Sola gratia).

We believe that the head of the Church is only Jesus Christ, and nobody needed third party as Pope, for example. Pope of Rome in this case is just a leader of another religious organization, but not a leader of whole Church.

We appreciate feats of saints but we cannot serve to them because only God is to be served. Same with it, Mother of God – Maria – can be included to prayers but cannot be served and have bigger attention than other saints or Jesus Christ.

Lutheran Church is not a new church, it’s the Church established by Jesus Christ and reformed by Martin Luther. It’s following lutheran traditions or catholic traditions what is not so important as spiritual life of each person.

Beign a christian is to be faithful and strongly stay on the faith. We not advice to transfer to our church from other denomination and we are friendly to anybody. But we always welcome for those who are serious in wishing to be a lutheran!

Are you interested in Lutheran faith?

Who We Are

We are preaching in few countries – Philippines, Russia, Sweden, Israel and other. And we are happy to be missioners in Bohol to establish here local Lutheran congregations.

Daniel Suvorov

Daniel Suvorov

Archpriest, Superintendent

Aleksander Frans

Aleksander Frans


Pavel Begichev

Pavel Begichev

Ordinary General