2000 years exists, 500 years reformed

Lutheran Church is a denomination of Christian Church established by Jesus Christ and co-operated together with Roman Catholic Church for more than 1,5 thousand years. Within Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517 church was called as Reformed Catholic Church, and after Reformation ends in 1648, denomination was named as Lutheran Church, or Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession.

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Bohol is one of many islands of the Philippines. Pure nature and paradise views mixed here with provincial infrastracture. Bohol welcoming tourists from around the World, and some of them are lutheran. We are ready to provide church-related services for them and for those who are interested in Lutheranism!

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Our rites and services

Public Mass

We are calling Mass every Sunday and everyone is welcomed!

Private Mass

Mass for a family or team, for special event or in special place.


For anybody who seeks to become lutheran believer and join us


Free courses, spiritual and family councelling, situational support and more!

Also, we are happy to provide Confirmation, wedding service, burial, needed prayers, confession and other rites, ceremonies and rituals. Contact us for more information!